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Online Workshop: Dope Sex

The medical benefits of cannabis is a widely discussed topic these days. It’s calming effects has helped millions around the world with anxiety, and other medical conditions. But have you ever considered introducing cannabis to your sex life?

In this 54 minute online workshop, we will discuss the sexual benefits of using cannabis with your partner(s) or even alone. Our sex lives should only create pleasurable experiences, although feelings of guilt, shame, pain, anxiety, and many other tensions or dysfunctions can really affect physical pleasure, desire, arousal or the ability to have an orgasm. By having a relaxed conversation about how and why cannabis can be used in diminishing those feelings of discomfort or anxiety, we will learn how to enhance feelings of pleasure and excitement. Join me for a stimulating time as we learn how take your sex life to a higher level.


  • Online Workshop
    The instructions for streaming the workshop, ‘Dope Sex’ are in the downloadable file once the workshop has been added to your cart and purchased.
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 54 minutes
  • Instructor: Avril Louise Clarke (Sexologist & Sex Educator)