Online Workshop: Sexual Self-Esteem


This may sound strange, but sexuality exists within you, not just when you’re engaging with others in sexual acts. Before we ever encounter another set of genitals we possess our own unique, sexual self, full of potential pleasure and exploration. How comfortable are you with self-touch and exploration? What would it be like to find all the ways that you like to be touched and pleased on your own first? How do you feel about your own body and its sensations? Are you responsible for your own pleasure?

What would you learn in this workshop? 

  • Confidence and sexual self-esteem
  • How to set boundaries and healthy limits
  • Ways to erotize your mind
  • Learning the meaning of the FAST acronym
  • Masturbation and self-exploration
  • Online Workshop for Women
  • Language: English
  • Date: Saturday, February 19th / 11am (est)
  • Instructors: Irene Negri @sexeducando